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Hi guys!

My name is Talia, and here’s a little insight into my life and my history on the web. I’m originally from Chile but moved to Montreal Canada when I was 12 and still live here today. I speak Spanish, French and English, some better then others:-)

In 2000 I started my website where I share my life and sexuality for everyone to see. It started out as a little project for my ex-girlfriend to learn html and has turned into one of the biggest parts of my life. Both my site and I have come a long way since then, it’s been a really fun experience and I’ve developed some great friendships from it. I encourage anyone who is interested in writing me to do so, that’s why I put my site up, to meet new people and to share my life with them. My site isn’t one of those “hired model” websites where the only involvement the model has is taking the pictures. I do a lot on my site except for the design and programming, those are things that I get help with.

In my site you’ll find pictures and videos of the last 5+ years of my sexual experiences, you can also see how I’ve changed and evolved by checking out my archive of weekly webcam shows dating back to April 2000. I rarely do solo shows so you’ll see all the guys and girls that have passed through my life and bedroom:-)

I love to joke around and you’ll see that if you come watch one of my cam shows. I normally do shows with my girlfriend Seska, she is really sexy and we have a blast each week.

During the last 5+ years I’ve shared so much of my life online, including my two pregnancies. That’s why I’ve put up this website, for those of you who enjoy the sight of a pregnant woman doing naughty things, and for those of you who find lactation erotic. Lactation has opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration for my partners and me. I hope we can open it up for you too.

If you’d like to know more about me you can read all about me and see my progression from conception to right before I gave birth in my diary/blog or feel free to send me an email.

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